Stinger Spike Road Trap System

To slow down/stop the suspected cars that fled from the search and control points of the Police and military officials.

Most Safety System

This is the best system among all vehicle tracking and capturing systems in the world.

Safe Air Discharge

The system was designed to slow down/stop the cars in a short distance in the safest way.

The main purpose of using the system is to stop the vehicles without major damage during the tracing and to prevent the injury of innocent people, police and military officers.

Road Trap system was successfully used during the 3,000 tracings cases in Turkey so far.

Behind the success of this system, there are well trained personnel that fallow all the procedures in the correct way.

For minimum damage and loss for the safest operation, especially in high-speed chases, the user instructions must be followed.

Product Length

Road Trap system is manufactured in 3 different lengths

  • 7 Meters
  • 9 Meters
  • 11 Meters

Each product set has 8 different tracks.

The main body of the trap is maden with the rubber reinforced Polyamide 6.6 raw material.